NOTICE News for January 31, 2023

On today’s NOTICE News: Former President Donald Trump hit the campaign trail over the weekend, even though voting in the 2024 presidential election doesn’t start for over a year. Plus: how a snow-less winter in New York City is making history. Here’s a transcript of today’s show.

Discussion Questions

  1. Over the weekend, what did former President Trump say his criticism is of Governor Ron DeSantis potentially running against him for the Republican nomination?
  2. Why might potential candidates for the Republican presidential nomination be holding off in announcing their campaigns?
  3. Why would New York Jets fans be upset about the Empire State building being lit up to honor the Philadelphia Eagles heading to the Super Bowl?
  4. Why is it so out-of-the-ordinary for New York streets to be lacking snow cover at the moment?
  5. What are two causes that could be contributing to the mild winter in New York City?

Writing Prompts

  1. President Trump has already hit the trail in key early-voting states, meaning states that hold their primaries and caucuses early in the election cycle.  What do you think residents might like about being in these key states on the campaign trail?  What do you think residents who don’t live in those states might feel about the attention these states get? What are some pros and cons of there being a particular order for when states decide on their nominees for president?
  2. While climate change is likely contributing to the lack of snowfall in the East, scientists are still looking at long-term patterns over time.  Why is it important for scientists to consider all causes for something unusual?

Further Reading