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Everyone feels it—human society has become deeply broken. Despite having the resources to keep every single human being fed, healthy, and safe—we choose not to. Instead, the greedy elite are given free rein to put their own trivial desires ahead of the basic needs of the rest of us.

And—we all know it doesn’t have to be like this. But before it can change, we need a media that actually questions and stands up to the evils of capitalism, breaking through the noise and convincing people, one mind at a time, that we can do better. NOTICE News aims to do just that. More about us.

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‘The Messenger’ shuts down after less than a year, lays off 300 staffers

Online news site The Messenger, which touted itself as a digital oasis of nonpartisan journalism in the tumultuous sea of corporate media, has ceased operations, barely making it past the eight-month mark of its existence. The platform, founded by Jimmy Finkelstein, who had invested a staggering $50 million into its business endeavor, delivered a shocking…