NOTICE News for January 9, 2023

Happy Monday! It’s January 9, 2023 and there are 359 days left in the year. On today’s NOTICE News: The House of Representatives struggled to elect a new Speaker last week. We break down what it means. Plus: Scientists are warning that the Great Salt Lake in Utah will be totally dry in just a. matter of years, if we don’t act fast. All today on NOTICE News. Here’s a transcript of today’s show.

Discussion Questions

  1. What are some of the causes for the past week’s stalemate in the House’s vote for Speaker?
  2. Even with the Speaker now selected, why might some feel that the need to have repeatedly voted might be foreboding or suggest there are difficulties to come?
  3. Why might Kevin Mcarthy’s concession to allow for a “snap election” by any member of the House to replace him be seen as destabilizing?
  4. Since this level of dissent about electing the Speaker of the House hasn’t happened for so long, what might it suggest about the political environment of the country at the moment?
  5. What are some reasons scientists want state lawmakers to take emergency measures to help add water to Utah’s Great Salt Lake?

Writing Prompts

  1. Some are suggesting that such disagreement amidst the majority party in the House could affect the governability of the House of Representatives, or the capability of it to be governed. Discuss potential consequences if the House were not able to function.  How might that affect people, both in and outside of the United States?
  2. Some are arguing that the dissent in the House is good for democracy, while others believe it is not healthy for democracy.  When a large group comes together, is it better for there to be more agreement or disagreement?  What might be some of the pros and cons of each?
  3. It can often be difficult to get lawmakers to act quickly with emergency measures, similar to how scientists are hoping for state lawmakers in Utah to respond. Even with the situation of The Great Salt Lake being so dire, there still might not be a response. Discuss reasons why there might be inaction, as well as some of the consequences that could result.

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