Transcript: January 31, 2023


Jonathan: We’re still a year before any votes are cast in the 2024 presidential election, but the race is already picking up steam. Angie has the details. Plus: how New York city is making history this winter. Those stories and more today on Notice News.

The 2024 Campaign for President Begins

Jonathan: Hey guys and happy Tuesday – i’m Jonathan here at Notice HQ in Brooklyn. Ten weeks ago former President Donald Trump announced his third run for the White House, and this past weekend, hit the campaign trail in key early-voting states. But, we’re still over a year away from anybody actually voting. Our Washington correspondent Angie has the story.

Angie: In 644 days, just a little over 1 year, 9 months from now, America will elect its next president. If that sounds like a long time from now, you’re right – but that doesn’t mean the race isn’t already underway. On Saturday, former President Trump came out swinging at President Biden:

Sound: “Through weakness and incompetence, Joe Biden has brought us to the brink of World War III.”

And Florida Governor Ron Desantis – who may run against him for the Republican nomination:

Sound: “So Ron would have not been governor were it not for me and that’s ok – and then when I hear he might run I consider that very disloyal”

Angie: Even though he’s the former president, Trump still has to run for and win his party’s nomination in 2024 in order to face the Democrats’ nominee in the general election, who will in almost all certainty be President Joe Biden. 

And Trump may have some serious challengers like his own vice-president Mike Pence, his ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Halley – or Florida Governor Desantis. None of them have announced if they’re running yet, but in the latest poll out of New Hampshire, Desantis leads Trump by 12 points.

New Hampshire holds the nation’s first primary elections – scheduled for a year from yesterday – and a win there can translate into early momentum that could make a candidate unstoppable.


Jonathan: Here’s what else is making news right now…

At least 59 people are dead and over 150 were wounded after a suicide bomber attacked a mosque in Pakistan yesterday. Pakistan’s branch of the Taliban, the extremist group that now controls Afghanistan, has claimed responsibility for the attack.

After 5 officers involved in the death of Tyre Nichols were fired and charged with murder, Memphis police said yesterday that a 6th officer was relieved of duty. The officer’s lawyer says he was present at Nichol’s initial traffic stop, but has yet to be fired or charged with a crime. 

And New Yorkers are livid about this: the iconic Empire State Building was lit up Sunday night green and white to honor the Eagles’ win over the 49ers. Jets fans are not happy. 

New York’s Snowless Winter

Winter here in New York City looks a little bit different this year. Over in Central Park, joggers are out, ducks are in the ponds,  and there’s plenty of sunshine. But no – this is not normal for late January. In fact, it’s record-breaking.

New York city has now gone 325 consecutive days with no snowfall according to the National Weather Service. This marks the longest the city has gone without snowfall since 1973.

Sound: “It’s a combination of rising temperatures related to climate change, and also natural variability that happens, when i look back at the historical record of snowfall, specifically like decade by decade, and we do see these shifts in decade trends in snowfall so i think asking questions about the links in climate change, yes we need to do that. but we also need to look at natural variability and the role that that plays.”

New York City winters usually look like this: sidewalks covered in snow, and thick ice in fountains. But the average temperature for the first half of this January was 43 degrees, making it the 3rd warmest January here in history.

While there have been some light flurries, the National Weather Service defines snowfall as .1 inch of snowfall on the ground, which hasn’t happened yet. 

Sound: “It is definitely rare, but we have a lot of winter left. February is actually our snowiest month here in Central Park in New York City. So it is important to keep in mind things could change very quickly.”


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