Transcript: January 11, 2023


Sound: “Nurses are outside, something’s wrong inside. Nurses are outside, something’s wrong inside.” 

Thousands of nurses are on strike in New York City right now, as the country deals with a nation-wide nurse shortage. We’ll tell you what’s going on. 

Plus – is Logan Paul in more hot water? Those stories and more today on Notice News.

NYC Nurses Go On Strike

Hey guys, it’s Maeve here at Notice HQ in Brooklyn and it’s great to be with you today. Right now, just across the river, some 7,000 nurses have gone on strike, refusing to work until conditions improve and they get a raise. 

The strike began Monday at two of New York City’s biggest hospitals, which make up 16% of the city’s hospital beds. It’s the largest nursing strike this city has seen in decades. 

Nurses say that after the Covid-19 pandemic and this year’s busy flu season, they’re burned out and exhausted. They want better working conditions and more pay. In response to the strike, hospitals have brought in temporary staffers, and used doctors and managers to perform tasks nurses usually do.

Another big issue for nurses is the ratio of nurses to patients. Nurses say they’re being forced to care for too many patients at once, which leads to a lower quality of patient care. 

Because of this strike, the hospitals where nurses are striking say they’ve been forced to reschedule medical appointments and even postpone surgeries. 

This is all coming at a very bad time, as our country faces an ongoing shortage of nurses. One of the hospitals nurses are striking at reported this summer that nearly 800 registered nurse and nurse practitioner positions are empty. Meanwhile, massachusetts has more than 5,000 nursing positions unfilled. 

One report says that our country could face a shortage of nearly half a million nurses by 2025. That’s because as baby boomers age, there are more people to care for, as baby boomer nurses are retiring themselves.

That said, it may be a great time to become a nurse. Some places are offering major incentives to attract and keep nurses. One healthcare system in Florida was offering new nurses up to $20,000 in bonuses.


Here’s what else is making news right now.

President Biden is facing questions after nearly 10 classified documents were discovered in one of his personal offices. The documents were from Biden’s days as vice president.

This is the scene in California right now, where at least 12 people have died as a result of severe flooding from a recent string of storms. Nearly a quarter million homes and business are still without power. 

And some good news – scientists say the Earth’s ozone layer, which once had a growing hole in it, is on track to completely recover in the next four decades because many harmful chemicals have been phased out. 

Logan Paul Angers Animal Rights Activists

Logan Paul is in hot water – again. The 27-year-old influencer, Youtuber, and now, professional wrestler has had his fair share of controversies over the years. And now – he’s angered animal rights activists. 

You may remember four years ago, when Logan bought a so-called “mini pig” he named “Pearl.” But by 2020… Pearl had grown into a full-sized pig. On Monday, a famous animal sanctuary went viral with this TikTok, showing a pig they rescued that was found abandoned in a field lying next to a dead pig. 

The pig was traumatized, mangled, and suffering a life threatening infection. It turned out to be Logan’s old pet, Pearl. Logan confirmed in a statement it was his former pig, but denied having anything to do with her current state.

He says he re-homed pearl when he moved to Puerto Rico in 2020, and he had no idea that she was being so mistreated. Sadly, animal activists say this is all too common.

People buy cute pigs as babies thinking they’ll stay small – only to disown or abandon them when they grow to be full size. They’re marketed as “teacup pigs” but in reality, there’s no such thing.

According to “The Dodo,” these pigs are actually pot-belly pigs that have somehow had their growth stunted. While they’ll never get to be as big as a standard, domesticated pig, these potbelly pigs will usually weigh between 100 and 150 pounds fully grown. 


That’s it for today but you can learn more about the nursing strike here in New York on our website, Jonathan will be back tomorrow with more from us, Notice News.