NOTICE News Daily: April 7, 2023

On today’s NOTICE News Daily: Tensions are high in Tennessee as the state house votes to expel three members – for the first time since the Civil War – for joining gun control protests. Plus: Greg is here with the weekly NOTICE News Quiz!

Discussion Questions

  1. Why would the school shooting in Nashville have ignited demonstrators at the state capitol building and protests from students?
  2. Why might the protests from Tennessee students have spread to protests by students nation-wide?
  3. What might it say about the current state of political affairs that the Republicans sought to expel the three Democrats from the House when only two state lawmakers had been expelled in Tennessee history, and both those past acts with bipartisan support?

Writing Prompts

  1. Were the Republicans in the Tennessee House of Representatives justified in attempting to expel the Democrats who joined the protests from the House floor? Were there any elements of the Democrats’ behavior that might have justified the Republicans wanting to take action?  How might one argue that the Democrats in the State House needed to make such a display?
  2. How are the debates over both gun control and free speech present in the events from the Tennessee House of Representatives? Does either have a stronger argument? Should either have a stronger argument?