NOTICE News Daily: March 2, 2023

On today’s NOTICE News Daily: The Supreme Court just heard arguments in a major case about student loans that affects some 40 million people. Plus: why members of the popular boy band BTS are enlisting in the army.

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Student Loan Debt Cancellation

Top Story: The Supreme Court Weighs Cancelling Student Loan Debt

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Conservative U.S. Supreme Court justices on Tuesday signaled skepticism over the legality of President Joe Biden’s plan to cancel $430 billion in student debt for about 40 million borrowers, with the fate of his policy that fulfilled a campaign promise hanging in the balance. >> Full story

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  • A Greek passenger train collided head-on with a cargo train late on Tuesday, throwing entire carriages off the tracks and killing at least 36 people in the country’s deadliest rail crash in living memory. Officials said the death toll was expected to rise further and a station master was arrested as investigators tried to understand why the two trains had been on the same track. >> Full story
  • Kobe Bryant’s Family Awarded Nearly $29M in Photos Case after allegations that the officers involved shared gruesome photos of the tragic death of him and his daughter. >> Full story
  • TikTok Rolls Out Screen Time Limits, Other Parental Controls: >> Read TikTok’s Official Release
BTS Joins the Military

Should the Moon Have its Own Time Zone?

BTS hasn’t been in the public eye lately – but they’re not breaking up. All six members of the wildly popular South Korean boy band are enlisting in the military, following South Korean law that states all able-bodied men must serve in the military for 18 months. One member just began his service this week. >> Full story from NBC News