Supreme Court

US Supreme Court begins arguments over Biden student debt relief

The fate of President Joe Biden’s plan to cancel $430 billion in student debt for about 40 million borrowers was placed in the hands of the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday as the justices began hearing arguments in a case that presents another major test of executive branch authority.

Supreme Court Hears Case That Could ‘Upend’ The Internet

U.S. Supreme Court justices on Tuesday expressed uncertainty over whether to narrow a legal shield protecting internet companies from a wide array of lawsuits in a major case involving YouTube and the family of an American student fatally shot in a 2015 rampage by Islamist militants in Paris.

Senate passes same-sex marriage protection bill

The U.S. Senate passed a bill on Tuesday that would protect federal recognition of same-sex marriage, a measure taken up in response to worries the Supreme Court could overturn a 2015 decision that legalized it nationwide. The narrowly tailored bill, which would require the federal government to recognize a marriage if it was legal in …

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