NOTICE News Daily: April 13, 2023

On today’s NOTICE News Daily: Former President Trump gave his first interview after becoming the first American president to be charged with a crime. Plus: How peace came to Northern Ireland.

Discussion Questions

  1. Why would Fox News Host Tucker Carlson’s interview with former President Trump be considered an “easy” interview?
  2. What harm could come from spreading false information, the claim that German Shepherd military dogs were left in Afghanistan? 
  3. Why do Tucker Carlson’s personal texts that have been made public make his comments during the Trump interview seem disjointed?
  4. What are some of the reasons that there was tension and even violence over Northern Ireland?
  5. Why would a government including both Catholics and Protestants supposedly help the government to run peacefully?
  6. Why was Good Friday an appropriate day to sign an agreement in 1998 regarding peace in Northern Ireland?

Writing Prompts

  1. Why would former President Trump feel like Tucker Carlson’s show is the one most appropriate or ideal for him to appear on in his first interview after being indicted? Should politicians only go on certain networks to spread their message? How could choosing particular media outlets be both helpful and hurtful to them?
  2. The conflict over Northern Ireland goes back centuries, having to do with land, religion, those with power, and those without it.  Why would something so grounded in history still be relevant and even be able to cause violence in modern times?  Is it ever possible to fully move beyond the past? Is that even what should be the goal?

Printable Worksheet