NOTICE News Daily: April 10, 2023

On today’s NOTICE News Daily: A new wave of violence has struck Jerusalem and Israel – in the middle of three important religious holidays. We break it down. Plus: Did AI create the perfect U.S. road trip?

Discussion Questions

  1. What makes the past week such a sensitive and heightened time to have violence going on in Israel?
  2. Why is the site where the Al-Aqsa Mosque sits so holy to Muslims, Jews, and Christians? How is the site different for the three major religions, but also, how is it similar for each?
  3. Why would it be in everyone’s interest to cool down the tensions in Israel at the moment– particularly during this past week?
  4. Why were key places left out of the road trip map, according to its algorithm?
  5. Given the factors that the AI did look at when creating the road trip, what did they all have in common, and why would this make sense given what AI essentially is?
  6. What does the fact that key places would need to be added as stops on the trip by human planning suggest?

Writing Prompts

  1. Often, when there is an escalation of conflict in Israel, it is triggered by a given event. However, these events are then placed in the larger context of a history of violence as well as the larger context of the political tension that is going on. When looking to solve problems in Jerusalem and Israel at large, what should be more of a focus– immediate, acute attacks, or the larger history, and why? Are there ways to consider both when trying to find ways to move forward?
  2. Would you feel comfortable taking a long road trip that was planned by AI before checking it yourself?  Why or why not? What kinds of things would you want to be considered in such plans, that perhaps AI wouldn’y automatically consider? What could you program the AI to take into consideration in order to include some of those things you would most enjoy?

Printable Worksheet