String of Severe Storms Leaves Wake of Destruction

From NOTICE News Daily for April 4, 2023

Powerful storms and tornadoes left a trail of devastation across the U.S., killing at least 32 people – with more severe weather to follow.


A string of violent weather events over the weekend left dozens of people dead in the nation’s heartland.

Sound: You had no idea it was doing this much damage out here. It was so fast.

In late March and early April, more than a dozen states across the southern, Midwestern, and eastern U.S were struck by powerful spring storms, killing at least 32 people.

Destructive tornadoes touched down in states like Arkansas, leading President Biden to declare a “major disaster” in the state so it can receive federal aid for recovery…

And in Illinois, one storm tore the roof off a music venue, killing a 50-year-old man and injuring dozens of others who had been attending a heavy metal concert.

Sound: The lights go out the noise, I hear noise, everything crashes down, which is the ceiling… My first when I saw it was more that it literally could have been me.

The destruction comes just one week after a tornado devastated a small Mississippi town, killing 26 people and destroying hundreds of homes.

On Sunday the president paid a visit to the scene and also approved disaster relief for the region.

Biden: I just want you to know as you fight through this, you’re not alone.

Spring storms that produce tornadoes are common, but climate change may still be responsible for increasing the intensity of such weather events.

Another set of powerful storms is expected to roll across the same region this week and could bring more tornadoes.