NOTICE News Daily: April 4, 2023

On today’s NOTICE News Daily: Powerful storms and tornadoes left a weekend trail of devastation across the U.S., killing at least 32 people. Plus: how four cheetah cubs are making history in India.

Discussion Questions

  1. Why might it be necessary for a president to declare a “major disaster” in order for states to receive federal aid? In what ways could federal aid help those who have been affected by such a disaster as the storms in the midwest?
  2. In addition to the man killed and the many people injured during the storm ripping off the roof of the theater in Illinois, what other aftermath might there be from such an incident? What sorts of questions are likely to be asked regarding the building?
  3. What impact could climate change be having on the storms in the midwest?
  4. Why might large portions of India have been deforested while under British colonial rule in the 1900s? What does this indicate about how India was viewed by the British at the time?
  5. Why might other governments feel it’s a worthy investment to donate their own big cats to India? What do some of the African nations making this commitment have in common with India’s past plight?
  6. What about the past century might have caused lions to lose 80% of their range?

Writing Prompts

  1. President Biden’s message to those affected by the storms in the midwest was, “you’re not alone.” How could such a message be helpful to victims of a disaster? Does it matter if it comes from the president or not? Are there any ways that the president visiting an affected area could be more hurtful than helpful?
  2. There are all sorts of efforts toward conservation of animals around the world, and many use different methods and go by different philosophies. Some believe that the educational value of zoos is worth the captivity of the animals there. Some people believe that breeding animals like big cats for hunting preserves has value because of the breeding element. However, some are firmly against animal captivity. How would you enter the conversation on this issue? What sort of stance or position would you take, and what reasoning would you use to support it?

Printable Worksheet