Transcript: March 31, 2023


This American journalist is in hot water in Russia right now. I’ll tell you what he’s accused of. Plus…

Greg is here with the weekly Notice News Quiz. Those stories and more today on… Notice News Daily.

Russia Detains American Journalist

Hey guys and happy Friday. I’m Jonathan here at Notice H-Q in Brooklyn. Our top story today:

A Wall Street Journal reporter based in Moscow, 31-year-old Evan Gershkovich, has been accused of being an American spy.

The Russian government claims Gershkovich was caught trying to obtain classified information about a military factory there.

The Wall Street Journal vehemently denies the allegations – and we should note – Russia has been tightening censorship laws since its invasion of Ukraine last year.

It’s believed to be the first time an American journalist has been held in Russia as an accused spy since the end of the Cold War – and marks a new low in relations between the two countries.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said this…

SOT: “It’s an unparalleled feeling honestly because there’s just nothing like it, being able to do something that people don’t think that young people can do.”

It underscores the dangers reporters take on while covering autocratic governments, where one person has near absolute power.

Reporters Without Borders said the number of journalists being detained worldwide reached an all-time high last year, with over 500 reporters locked up for doing their job.

Russia has a long history of detaining journalists who cover stories at odds with the government’s official narrative, but it’s unusual for them to detain an American reporter.

He’s now facing a prison sentence of up to 20 years.


Here’s what else is making news right now…

A grand jury in New York has indicted former President Donald Trump in a hush-money scheme from 2016. We’ll have full coverage of this story on Monday’s show.

Nine U-S soldiers were killed after two Blackhawk Army helicopters collided in Kentucky on Wednesday night. The Army says the incident happened during a routine training exercise.

This is Eric Kilburn, who went viral this week because Under Armor had to custom-make him special size 23 shoes. The 6-foot-10 high school freshman has size 23 feet…

And is known by his friends as Big-E. No joke.

Weekly Quiz

And now, live on tape from Brooklyn, it’s the Notice News Quiz.

I’m your host Greg and this is the game where want to know: have you been paying attention this week? Time to find out. Question one:

This week Vice President Kamala Harris is in Africa to try and help build better relationships across the continent.

Part of the reason for this trip is because which U.S. rival has made huge investments there?

A ) North Korea

B ) China

C ) Vietnam or

D ) Canada

The answer: A – China. Experts say a lack of focus on Africa left an opening for new partnerships by U-S rivals like China and Russia.

Question two: In May, King Charles the Third will officially be crowned at his coronation in London.

Where exactly will that coronation take place?

A) Buckingham Palace

B) Saint James Cathedral

C) The London Eye or

D) Westminster Abbey

The answer: D – Westminster Abbey will host the King’s coronation – which it has hosted for hundreds of years.

And finally, earlier this week we reported on two teen girls who have made math history.

SOT: “It’s an unparalleled feeling honestly because there’s just nothing like it, being able to do something that people don’t think that young people can do.”

What exactly did they prove?

A) The Pythagorean theorem

B) Circular logic

C) The law of sines or

D) Trigonometry is very hard

The answer: A. Calcea Johnson and Ne’Kiya Jackson reportedly proved the Pythagorean theorem using trigonometry, without resorting to circular logic.

Option D is pretty self evident. That’s it for this week. See you next Friday with another all new Notice News Quiz.


That’s it for today. Angie will be back Monday with more from us, Notice News. Have a great weekend everybody.