Transcript: February 7, 2023


Jonathan: A devastating earthquake has killed thousands of people in the Middle East, as search and rescue teams rush to dig out the survivors. We have the very latest. Plus…

Sound: Beyonce: “I wanna thank God for protecting me.”

Beyonce has broken yet another record. Those stories and more today on… Notice News.

Earthquake Rocks Middle East

Jonathan: Hey guys, it’s Jonathan here at Notice HQ in Brooklyn. Our top story today – over 2,000 people are dead and thousands more were injured after a massive earthquake struck Turkey and Syria early yesterday morning. The 7.8 magnitude quake struck just after 4a.m. local time. Aftershocks were felt for hours, followed by another 7.7 magnitude earthquake later in the afternoon. 

The quakes caused nearly 3,000 buildings to collapse, like this one, captured live on Turkish TV. 

Hamdo Al Sheikh, survivor: “I am waiting to pull out my brother and his family, him and his 7 children. They pulled someone out but it was not them, they took him and went away. Each is pulling out his own, may God help us.”

Earthquakes occur when tectonic plates that make up earth’s crust crack or move suddenly, releasing massive waves of energy. They happen along fault lines, long cracks in the earth’s surface where tectonic plates meet. Turkey is one of the world’s most earthquake-prone countries because it’s situated on several fault lines.

Reuters reports this quake was as devastating as the most powerful one in Turkey’s history, another 7.8 magnitude quake that killed around 30,000 people in 1939. This all happened in an area of the world that’s already dealing with war, a refugee crisis, and a bitterly cold winter. 

As of Monday evening, search and rescue teams were still digging through the rubble, and the U.S. has said it’s ready to offer quote “any and all needed assistance.”


Here’s what else is making news right now.

President Biden will deliver the state of the union address to congress tonight at 9 o’clock ET. He’s expected to address issues like immigration and the economy. Angie will have a complete recap on tomorrow’s show.

AMC movie theaters is changing the way it charges for seats.America’s largest movie theater chain announced they are going to start charging more for better seats at their theaters.

And – meet Bobi, a 30-year-old dog from Portugal who just entered the world record books. According to Guinness, Bobi is now officially the world’s oldest dog.

Beyonce Breaks Record for Most Grammys

On Sunday night at the Grammy Awards in LA, Beyonce made history.

Sound: James Corden: “the most Grammy wins of all time – Beyonce”

She took home four more grammys, bringing her career total to 32—yes 32 Grammys—making her the most awarded artist of all time. The record was previously held by a classical music conductor.

But – despite making history, she didn’t take home any of the big categories, like song or record of the year. Beyonce was considered the heavy favorite to win the award for album of the year for Renaissance, but that went to Harry Styles. 

Critics say that this is just more proof the Recording Academy, who gives out the Grammys, is biased against women and people of color. They say minorities only win in smaller, more genre-specific categories like rap and R&B – while white people win the big cross-genre awards like album and record of the year. 

The Recording Academy says it’s taking steps to rectify this, including being more transparent about the whole nomination process. 

Beyonce may not have won a top award – but she did get a major tribute from a fan who did… 

Sound: Lizzo: “Beyonce, whoo, in the 5th grade I skipped school to see you perform. // You changed my life… you clearly are the artist of our lives.”


That’s it for today but you can learn more about earthquakes and the recovery effort underway right now in Turkey on our website, 

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