NOTICE News Daily: March 28, 2023

On today’s NOTICE News Daily: Vice President Kamala Harris just arrived in Africa for a major trip across the continent. We’ll tell you what she hopes to accomplish. Plus: have two high school seniors solved a major math mystery?

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Vice President Heads to Africa

Top Story: Kamala Harris Starts Africa Tour, Announces Security Aid

The United States will provide $100 million to Ghana and four other West African countries to help them deal with violent extremism and instability, Vice President Kamala Harris said on Monday during a visit to Ghana. Harris was in Accra at the start of a week-long, three-nation African tour, the latest in a series of visits by senior U.S. officials as Washington seeks to counter growing Chinese and Russian influence on the continent. >> Full story

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  • Woman Shoots Dead 3 Children, 3 Adults At Christian School In Tennessee: A 28-year-old woman armed with several guns opened fire on Monday at a private Christian school she once attended in Tennessee’s capital city, killing three children and three adult staffers before police killed her, authorities said. >> Full story
  • Netanyahu announces delay to Israel judicial overhaul plans amid huge protests: “Embattled Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was forced to back down on controversial plans to overhaul the country’s judiciary on Monday, amid widespread strikes and protests as well as mounting international pressure.” >> Full story from CNN
High Schoolers Solve Math Mystery

Teens say they have new proof for 2,000-year-old mathematical theorem

“Two New Orleans high school seniors who say they have proven Pythagoras’s theorem by using trigonometry – which academics for two millennia have thought to be impossible – are being encouraged by a prominent US mathematical research organization to submit their work to a peer-reviewed journal.” >> Full story from The Guardian