NOTICE News Daily: March 7, 2023

On today’s NOTICE News Daily: Protesters attacked a proposed police training facility in Atlanta over the weekend they call “Cop City.” Plus: No, President Biden didn’t restart the draft to fight the war in Ukraine. It’s just the latest deepfake that’s gone viral.

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Protesters Attack “Cop City”

Top Story: Protesters Attack “Cop City”

Fires broke out at the construction site of an Atlanta police training center on Sunday after a demonstration at the property led to clashes between police and protesters and 35 people were arrested, police said. The site of the planned Atlanta Public Safety Training Center, derisively called “Cop City” by opponents, has been the scene of escalating confrontation as demonstrators oppose both the increasing militarization of police and the development of the forest that its defenders call the “lungs of Atlanta.” >> Full story

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  • Video captures another train derailment in Ohio: In an emailed statement, Norfolk Southern said the train that derailed near Springfield, Ohio was not carrying any hazardous materials and that no one was hurt. It said about 20 cars of a 212-car train derailed as it was traveling southbound near Springfield, without giving any cause. >> Watch the video
  • Britain’s Prince Harry Invited To King Charles’s Coronation: Britain’s Prince Harry and his wife Meghan have received an invitation to his father King Charles’s coronation but will not yet confirm publicly whether they will attend, a spokesperson for Harry said on Sunday. >> Full story
  • For toothed whales, sound production is all in the nose: >> Full story from Reuters
Biden Deepfake

Biden Deepfake Circulates Online

As deepfakes become more ubiquitous and harder to spot, how can people know what to trust? At a time when trust in the media is already at an alarming low, the rise in deepfakes does not bode well. Here’s the referenced poll from Gallup about Americans’ trust in media being at near-record lows. Some institutions are still worth trusting – and social media is not one of them. >> Here’s the story about the Biden deepfake from Newsweek