Transcript: February 24, 2023


Sound: Putin talking

That’s Russian President Vladimir Putin – one year ago today – announcing his country’s invasion of its southern neighbor, Ukraine. We’ll take a look back at the destruction and devastation of the war since then. And then on the lighter side – Greg is here with the Notice News Quiz. All that and more today on… Notice News. 

One Year Anniversary of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Hey guys and Happy Friday, I’m Jonathan here at Notice HQ in Brooklyn. One year ago today, Russian tanks started rolling across the border into Ukraine as Russian missiles started raining down on Ukrainian targets – like this one, which took out a massive TV tower in Ukraine’s capital city, Kiev.

A year later: What’s changed since then? 

The Ukrainians – helped by an influx of military equipment from the U.S. and Europe, were able to beat off the initial invasion and save Kiev. Today – the ground war has mostly ground to a halt – with Russian forces reportedly holding territory only in the eastern part of the country.

The destruction though has been widespread. This drone video shows the Ukrainian city of Mariupol both before the war in 2019 – and what it looks like now.

And, the human cost of this war has been enormous. There’s no accurate count yet of how many casualties this war has seen, but the U.S. estimates both sides have suffered military losses of 100,000 plus killed or wounded. And that’s just military losses. The latest count from the U.N. estimates at least 7,000 civilians have been killed – and both the U.N. and U.S. have accused Russia of war crimes, including intentionally targeting and killing civilians, as well as the torture and rape of women and children. That’s not even mentioning the more than 8 million people who have fled Ukraine as refugees.

It’s unclear what happens next, or how this will all end. The Ukrainians have said they’ll fight to the very end, and Putin seemingly has no intention of withdrawing.


Here’s what else is making news right now.

A TV news reporter and two others are dead in Orlando after a gunman returned to the scene of a previous murder and opened fire on the crime scene late Wednesday night.

Much of the Midwest was buried by a massive winter storm this week, as the South enjoyed record high temperatures. 

And – would you like some olive oil in your coffee? Starbucks is launching a new line of olive oil-infused drinks, launching first in Italy and coming to the U.S. this spring.

Notice News Quiz

And now, live on tape from Brooklyn, it’s the Notice News Quiz. I’m your host Greg, and this is the game where we ask… Have you been paying attention this week? Time to prove it. 

Question one: Pennsylvania’s new Senator John Fetterman was recently checked to a medical center for treatment.

Why was he hospitalized?

A) Stroke

B) Depression

C) Heart attack


The answer, B. Depression. Depression is a common but serious mood disorder that sometimes requires hospitalization for treatment. 

Question Two.

A new trial in workplaces across 61 companies resulted in lower stress, better sleep, and improved work-life balance for employees. What was this workplace experiment about?

A) Remote work

B) No meeting Fridays

C) A four-day workweek

D) Facebook’s VR office

The answer is C. The world’s largest four-day workweek trial not only made employees much happier, it actually made some companies more money.

And finally, on Tuesday, Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan said this:

Sound: Kagan: “These are not like the 9 greatest experts on the internet” (laughter)

What is the tech case that the Supreme Court is hearing?

A) Elon Musk’s Twitter purchase

B) YouTube recommendations

C) Apple’s App Store

D) AI-generated images 

The answer is B. Google-owned YouTube has been sued for recommending dangerous content. If they lose the case, companies could become more liable for content posted by their users online — which experts say could change how the whole internet works. 

That’s all for this week. See you next Friday with another Notice News Quiz.


That’s it for today but you can learn more about the ongoing war in Ukraine on our website, Angie will be back Monday with more from us, Notice News. Have a great weekend everyone.