NOTICE News Daily: February 22, 2023

On today’s NOTICE News Daily: CNN host Don Lemon got into hot water this past week for comments he made about Republican Presidential candidate Nikki Haley. Plus: Will the 5-day work week soon be history?

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CNN Host in Hot Water

Top Story: CNN Pulls Host Over “Sexist” Comments

NEW YORK (Reuters) – CNN “This Morning “co-host Don Lemon was absent from the show’s Monday episode after receiving backlash for comments he made about women. A representative for the television personality confirmed to Deadline that Lemon would not appear on CNN This Morning on Monday, although the rep noted that he was simply taking the President’s Day holiday off. Lemon has come under fire over a comment he made about when women are in their “prime” during Thursday’s episode of the show. >> Read the full story

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  • Biden Says Russia Will Never Defeat Ukraine After Kremlin Suspends Nuclear Treaty: The president said on Tuesday Ukraine “stands strong” a year after the Russian invasion and that Moscow would never defeat its neighbor, after the Kremlin suspended a landmark nuclear arms control treaty over the West’s support for the country. >> Full story
  • Government Orders Train Company to Clean Toxic Ohio Derailment Site: The U.S. government on Tuesday ordered rail operator Norfolk Southern Corp. to clean up contaminated soil and water at the site of a train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, and to attend all public meetings with local residents. >> Full story
  • California man earns world record for 2,995 consecutive Disneyland visits: >> Full story from UPI
4 Day Work Week Study

World’s Largest Four-Day Work Week Trial Finds Few Are Going Back

From Fox Business: A pilot program testing a four-day work week in the United Kingdom has been hailed as a “resounding success” after employees reported improved well-being and a majority of the participating companies said they would keep the change. >> Full story on Fox Business

Discussion Questions

  1. Why did his co-anchors (and others) find what CNN host Don Lemon said about Nikki Haley inappropriate?
  2. What potential policy did Nikki Haley propose that Don Lemon’s comment was based on?
  3. What are some reasons why some might not be satisfied by Don Lemon’s apology on Twitter, thinking it’s not substantial enough?
  4. What might be some important implications or effects of the government’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) saying that the company that operated the train that derailed and spilled toxic chemicals must pay for all the clean-up and recovery costs or be faced with fines?  
  5. What would be some reasons that the four-day work week could make people more productive when at work?
  6. In what ways would society change if a four-day work week became the standard?  How might children’s lives need to change? How might adults’ lives change?  Do you think it would work in the United States?  Why or why not?

Writing Prompts

  1. There has recently been criticism, on both sides of the political spectrum, of “cancel culture” or the practice of celebrities and others being shut out from public discourse when they say something that may be offensive to others.  What do you think about what CNN anchor Don Lemon said about Nikki Haley being past her “prime”? Do you think there should be consequences for what he said?  Explain your reasoning.
  2. In a climate so politically and socially volatile, notable people are often taken off the air, off social networks, or banned from certain speaking engagements for saying something some find offensive. However, some people are pushing back against this practice, emphasizing the free exchange of thoughts and ideas. What should be valued more–the right to not feel verbally attacked, or the right to free speech, and why? What are some nuances or complications that might make this an especially difficult issue for people who control the media?
  3. When a horrible accident happens like the train derailment that spilled toxic chemicals, what kinds of factors or issues need to be dealt with, aside from who pays for the damages?  Should the local or federal government lead the effort, and what issues might each be better at managing?  What sorts of professionals would be key to get involved in the aftermath, and why?

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