Video: Rare Footage Of Titanic Wreckage Shot In 1986 Released

(Reuters) – Rare video footage showing the Titanic ocean liner on the floor of the Atlantic was released on Wednesday, decades after the discovery of the wreckage and more than a century after the ship hit an iceberg and sunk.


This dive from 1986 captured the first ever footage of a sunken Titanic.

You can see the wrecked ship lying on the ocean floor – after it sank on its maiden voyage.

The rare video was released on Wednesday (February 15) in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Oscar winning film, ‘Titanic’.

The footage was captured by a team from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and most of the video had not been released for public viewing until now.

Efforts to locate the famous luxury liner began after it sank in 1912.

The mission proved unsuccessful, and it would take another 73 years to find the shipwreck.

It was finally found in 1985 thanks to advances in deep-sea technology.

After it was located, dive teams returned with cameras in July of 1986 to capture this footage.

The ship was sailing from England to New York when it hit an iceberg and sank.

An estimated 1,517 passengers perished with it.