NOTICE News for February 17, 2023

On today’s NOTICE News: Tens of thousands took the streets of Israel this week protesting a major change in the government there. We take a look at why people are upset. Plus: Greg is here with our weekly NOTICE News quiz. Here’s a transcript of the show.

Discussion Questions

  1. What proposed change to the Israeli government are people taking to the streets to protest?
  2. What is the intended purpose of having separation of powers within a government?
  3. How is Israel’s judiciary or court system different from that of the U.S.?
  4. What are some reasons why it might be concerning to the U.S that Israel is currently in a state of turmoil?

Writing Prompts

  1. If Israel’s legislature were to have more control over its judiciary through court appointments and it being harder for their Supreme Court to strike down laws, who might that be advantageous for and why? Since the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, is already on trial for corruption and abuse of power, why might the courts having less power be more concerning to some?
  2. The United States, despite having a separation of powers, has courts that are already much less independent than those in Israel. Should legislatures and government officials get to appoint judges like in the U.S., or should bipartisan committees elect them like Israel does currently, and why?
  3. The founders of the United States set out to create three different branches of government in order to separate powers.  What could be both strengths and weaknesses to this system of government?

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