Transcript: February 15, 2023


Jonathan: A toxic train derailment in Ohio has some people scared to return to their homes – over a week after it happened. We’ll take a look. Plus – you’ll never believe what this pup found his way back to after getting off leash. Those stories and more today on Notice News.

Toxic Train Derailment in Ohio

Jonathan: Happy Wednesday everyone, I’m Jonathan here at Notice HQ in Brooklyn. Our top story today though is from Ohio, where for the past week, residents have been dealing with the aftermath of a derailed train that was carrying toxic chemicals.

It happened last Monday near the city of East Palestine. Many of the train’s 50 cars were carrying toxic chemicals that were released into the air when it crashed. The chemicals released include vinyl chloride which is linked to cancer, and phosgene which was used as a weapon in WWI.

Residents were ordered to evacuate while a “controlled release” of the chemicals was performed.

Sound: Ohio Governor Mike Dewine: “You need to leave, you just need to leave. We are ordering you to leave, this is a matter of life and death…you are in imminent danger, you need to leave immediately.”

Jonathan: The controlled release basically involved getting all of the chemicals out of the cars at once to minimize the risk of an explosion. On wednesday, people were told it was safe to return to their homes, but many weren’t so sure. 2/2

Sound: “My son came out and was like oh my God, it stinks mom, it smells like paint thinner, I got up and it smelled like really strong paint thinner and then his eyes turned like bloodshot and he started coughing so we hurried up and grabbed as much as we could and we took off.”

Jonathan: Fish in rivers and streams have been found dead, and many pets in the area are now sick and some have died. Some report a burning sensation in their eyes and a strong smell of chemicals still in the air. Local business owners and residents have filed a lawsuit against the rail company, demanding the company pay for medical screenings and damages. But local officials and the Environmental Protection Agency say they are monitoring the conditions and still insist that the air is safe to breathe and the water is safe to drink.


Jonathan: Here’s what else is making news right now.

The leading explanation of those three unidentified objects that were shot down over the weekend is that they were harmless and *not* linked to Chinese spying, according to the White House. 

President Trump’s own ambassador to the United Nations – Nikki Haley – says she’s running for president. She’s the first person to say officially she’s challenging her old boss for the Republican nomination. 

And – the Super Bowl made television history Sunday night. A record 113 million people tuned in to watch, making it the third-most watched broadcast in the u.s. of all time.

Dog Finds His Way Back to Shelter – 10 Miles Away

Jonathan: Everyday, thousands of dogs are adopted at animal shelters around the country… but it’s not very often this happens.

Meet Bailey, a dog who was rescued last month by a family in Texas from the Animal Rescue League of El Paso. Somehow Bailey got loose – and off leash – she tracked her way back to the animal shelter, 10 miles away. And yes, wait for it, she rang the doorbell – captured by this rRng camera at about 1:30 in the morning. 

This shouldn’t be too surprising though, as dogs have an insane tracking ability. According to the American Kennel Club, dogs have 125 to 300 *million* olfactory sensory cells – compared to just 5 to 10 million for humans, and the area of their brains devoted to scent, called olfactory bulbs, is four times larger than ours. 

All that makes dogs’ sense of smell 100,000 times stronger than humans. The shelter says Bailey found her way back because she was at the shelter so long before being adopted. 

According to the ASPCA there are 3.1 million dogs living in shelters waiting right now to be adopted, and 3.2 million cats Don’t worry about Bailey though, the rescue says she was in good spirits and has been returned to her new home. 


Jonathan: That’s it for today but you can learn more about that train derailment in Ohio on our website, I’ll be back tomorrow with more from us, Notice News.