NOTICE News for February 3, 2023

On today’s NOTICE News: Striking teachers and transit workers brought life to a standstill this week. We look at how inflation isn’t just an American problem. Plus: Our weekly NOTICE News Quiz! Here’s a transcript of today’s show.

Discussion Questions

  1. Why was it necessary for thousands of schools to close and nearly all rail travel to stop in the UK just because teachers and other public workers were striking?
  2. Why would inflation cause people to strike, particularly in regards to pay?
  3. Why is Ukraine concerned that a major Russian offensive is imminent?

Writing Prompts

  1. Disruptions in the supply chain due to the pandemic, and the war in Ukraine have been cited as two potential causes of inflation globally.  Discuss ways a disruption in the supply chain could have caused prices to rise.  Similarly, how could a war in Europe also cause prices to rise?
  2. Recently, there was a large strike of nurses in New York that claimed they were burned-out from the pandemic.  What are some reasons that teachers might also feel burnout after the past few years?

Further Reading

Have a great Weekend!