Transcript: January 30, 2023


Sound: “No justice, no peace.”

There’s outrage today after bodycam footage was released of an incident between police and a black man, Tyre Nichols, that left Nichols dead.

Sound: “Simply put, this shouldn’t have happened.”

I’ll explain what’s going on.  Plus – a new artificial intelligence tool is taking the world by storm. Those stories and more today on… Notice News. 

What Happened to Tyre Nichols?

Hey guys I’m Jonathan here at Notice HQ in Brooklyn. Our top story today… the country is reeling after the violent death of another Black person at the hands of law enforcement.

At around 8:30pm on on January 7th, this man, 29-year-old Tyre Nichols, was pulled over by Memphis police on suspicion of reckless driving.

Authorities describe what happened next.

Sound: “there was an initial altercation, involving several officers and Mr. Nichols, pepper spray was deployed, the suspect – not the suspect – Mr. Nichols – fled on foot, there was another altercation at a nearby location at which the serious injuries were experienced by Mr. Nichols.” 

Nichols spent three days in the hospital in critical condition before he died. A government autopsy report said Nichols died from, quote, “extensive bleeding caused by a severe beating” from police.

All five police officers involved in the incident – who are also Black – were fired and late last week – charged with second degree murder.

Sound: “Let me be clear. What happened here does not at all reflect proper policing. This was wrong. This was criminal.”

Over the weekend, authorities released the bodycam footage of the incident, which many, including the police, have called appalling.

Following the release of the video protests erupted in Memphis and elsewhere as the nation struggled to come to terms with what happened.

This incident is the latest to spark outrage over the treatment of African Americans by law enforcement. Widespread protests erupted in 2020 after the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor at the hands of police.

The Mapping Gun Violence project, a nonprofit that tracks police shootings, says that statistically, Black people are three times more likely to be killed by police than white people. 2/2

In a statement last week, Tyre Nichols’ family said nobody should ever die from a simple traffic stop.


Here’s what else is making news right now.

The National Archives has asked former presidents and vice presidents to check for classified documents they might have that they’re not supposed to have. 

In a new interview, Sam Smith says people spat at them when they came out as non-binary. and…

Egyptologists have discovered a 4,200 year old mummy inside a tomb of the pharaohs. They say it’s the oldest mummy yet to ever be discovered.

Artificial Intelligence Getting Very Intelligent

It seems that there’s a new development in AI, or artificial intelligence, everyday. But ChatGPT from a company called OpenAI has taken the world by storm.

It’s a bot that’s designed to mimic human conversations.

Sound: “Basically what it does is it continues writing what you gave it. If you ask it a question, it’ll answer it. if you ask it to continue what you’re writing, it will do that.”

It can write poetry on demand, or answer complex questions —on *any* subject. It’s even passed high-level medical and law exams. 1/1

In developing the bot, researchers discovered that the AI was able to use data to start forming its own reasoning.

Sound: “They said why don’t we just give it questions, why don’t we ask it about mathematics, why don’t we ask it about things it wasn’t trained on – and then people discovered this emergent reasoning capability…you can train it on things that it’s never seen before.”

This technology has the potential to revolutionize customer service, online content creation, marketing – and maybe your homework? But don’t count on that — there are already tools out there to help teachers check to make sure your papers are ChatGPT-free.


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