Transcript: January 27, 2023


After being banned for two years, former President Trump may be back in your IG feed soon. 

I’ll tell you why. Plus… Greg is here with the Notice News quiz!

All that and more today on… Notice News.

Facebook To Reinstate Former President Trump

Hey guys and happy Friday from Notice HQ in Brooklyn, I’m Jonathan. 

Our top story today, former President Donald Trump may be back in your newsfeed soon.

Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram announced this week they plan to reinstate Donald Trump’s accounts by the end of the month. Trump’s accounts were suspended after the insurrection at the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Meta suspended Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts then because they say he was spreading misinformation and condoned violence on that day. In a blogpost, Meta says it’s created new guardrails to deter repeat offenses, and they say Trump will face “heightened penalties” if he breaks their rules again.

A Meta executive told NBC News this. 

Sound: “we think the risks to public safety have significantly and materially receded but that is also why we are introducing those additional guardrails to discourage him from breaking our rules going forward if he chooses to use Facebook and Instagram again.“

That’s not enough for critics, like Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff, who argues this decision could be dangerous. 

Sound: “the only motive I can see is profit motive here – if you look at what Donald Trump has been posting on his own social media platform, all of that violates Facebook’s policies – he’s continuing to spread the big lie, and the idea that he would somehow not do that on Facebook when he’s doing that on his own platform to me is a tragic decision.”

Trump has 34 million followers on facebook and 23 million on Instagram, but it remains to be seen how much he’ll use the platforms. 


Here’s what else is making news right now.

People in Ukraine’s capital city of Kyiv were forced to shelter in the city’s subway stations yesterday during rush hour from incoming Russian missiles.

Russia stepped up their attacks after the U.S. and Germany announced plans Wednesday to send Ukraine high-powered tanks. 11 people were killed in the attacks.

Five former Memphis, Tennessee, police officers have been charged with murder over the death of Tyre Nichols.

Nichols, a 29-year-old Black man, died after an encounter with those officers which the city’s police chief called quote, “heinous, reckless, and inhuman.” 

And… this is something you don’t see everyday…

Sound: “there he is in the corner, who’s he delivering to?”

A food delivery guy seemingly interrupted a college basketball game Wednesday night on live TV trying to bring someone their order.

CBS Sports, though, says the event was likely staged.  

The Notice News Quiz!

And now, live on tape from Brooklyn, it’s time for the Notice News quiz!

I’m your host Greg, and this is the game where we ask… have you been paying attention this week?  Let’s find out.

Question one: Florida’s Republican governor just banned schools from piloting a specific AP course. What was the course on?

a, asian history, 

b, african american studies

c, astronomy 

or d, an AP cryptocurrency course.

The answer? B, AP African American studies. 

Governor Ron DeSantis claims the class, which covers the quote contributions and experiences of African Americans, lacks educational value.

Critics say the ban amounts to censorship.

Question two:

In March, Netflix plans to roll out a long-awaited crackdown on password sharing. Why are they doing it?

a, increased competition from other streaming platforms

b, declining subscribers

c, pressure from wall street

or d, all of the above. 

The answer? D, all of the above.

Thanks to increased competition, Netflix has been losing subscribers, which has lowered the value of the company. So if you want to watch “Wednesday” using an account that isn’t yours, you might need to cough up an extra two or three bucks. 

And now it’s time for — a gibberish question! Guess the story that rhymes with this gibberish phrase.

“Mom Bess Bit A Pet Feeling”

Say it aloud in your head first. It’s about spending too much money… and arguing over how to pay the bills. 

The answer? Congress hit the debt ceiling.

Tax dollars spent on government programs have essentially reached the limit on our national credit card. If there’s no agreement to raise this limit by June, we’ll default on our bills, which experts say could cause a major economic crisis.

On that fun note, that’s it for this week’s Notice News Quiz. I’ll see you next Friday!


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