NOTICE News for January 24, 2023

On today’s NOTICE News: At least 11 people are dead after a gunman opened fire at a dance hall in Monterey Park, California, near LA on Saturday night. We have the latest on the ongoing investigation. Plus: A Marvel superhero is on the mend after a very serious accident. Here’s a transcript of today’s show.

Discussion Questions

  1. What stopped the gunman from taking more lives at the second location he went?  What could have happened if it had not been for this intervention?
  2. What might be some reasons for the extreme increase in anti-Asian hate crimes over the past few years?
  3. In what ways might the shooting in California have affected Lunar New Year celebrations both locally and nationally?
  4. With 36 mass shootings already in 2023, why might the tragedy over the weekend in California be increasingly frustrating to many people?
  5. There were many memorable photos taken by journalists during the insurrection at the capitol on January 6th, one of the most notable being of the now convicted man who had his legs up on then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s desk.  Why might many have found this image symbolic of the event?  How could that picture be viewed differently by people with different perspectives?

Writing Prompts

  1. Lunar New Year is the most significant time of celebration for many Asian cultures in the United States, and in just the past half-year, there was also the tragedy in Highland Park, IL, when a gunman killed several during the 4th of July parade. Some people are starting to question their safety at certain public events. Do you agree with this hesitancy? Does it make more sense for people to be cautious in public settings, or is it more important to go on uninterrupted?
  2. When there is coverage of a mass shooting in the media, politics around gun safety legislation usually comes up quite quickly.  Some argue that these aren’t the appropriate moments for such discussions, while others say that those discussions need to happen right then. What do you think?

Further Reading