Transcript: January 20, 2023


Sound: Prime Minister of New Zealand: “This has been the most fulfilling five and a half years of my life. But it’s also had its challenges…”

Jonathan: The Prime Minister of New Zealand just stunned the world. We’ll tell you how. 

Plus – it’s Friday… which means Greg is here with the notice news quiz!

All that and more, today on… Notice News.

Prime Minister of New Zealand Steps Down

Jonathan: Hey guys it’s Jonathan and happy Friday from Notice HQ here in Brooklyn. Our top story today is this:

Sound: Prime Minister of New Zealand: “I am announcing I will not be seeking re-election and that my term as Prime Minister will conclude no later than the 7th of February.”

Jonathan: That’s the Prime Minister of New Zealand, unexpectedly announcing she’s leaving office in just a few weeks.Her name is Jacinda Ardern, who was the world’s youngest female head of government when she was elected in 2017 at age 37.

In 2020, she was re-elected in a landslide, and was expected to run for a third term. Now, at just 42, she’s stunned her nation — and the world — by deciding not to run for re-election, leaving office in February. But she’s not quitting because of a scandal or controversy. She’s simply burned out. 

Sound: Prime Minister of New Zealand: “I know what this job takes and I know that I no longer have enough in the tank to do it justice. It’s that simple.”

Jonathan: Over her five-and-a-half years as Prime Minister, she’s witnessed a lot – from a rare, deadly mass shooting in 2019 at two Mosques that left 51 dead, to the covid-19 pandemic. 

In 2018, she gave birth to a daughter, becoming New Zealand’s first woman to give birth while holding office.

Needless to say – burnout is a real, global problem.

Sound: “I would not be surprised if any leader over the past three years, coming out whether it’s a health leader or politician, saying they don’t have anything left in the tank. I think it’s actually, um, a fairly widespread feeling across the population.”

A recent survey by Microsoft found that across 11 countries, around half of all employees and managers are burned out at work. Experts say preventing burnout requires rest, diet, and exercise, and time in the day to do things you love. 

So if you’re feeling burnt out this winter Friday, just know you’re not alone –  even the prime minister of New Zealand just quit her job to focus on some self care.


Here’s what else is making news right now…

The United States federal government officially hit its debt limit yesterday – sort of like maxing out your credit card. Lawmakers have until early June to figure out what to do next. Angie will have a full breakdown of the situation on Monday.

Actor Alec Baldwin has been charged with involuntary manslaughter for his role in a death on a movie set. A cinematographer was killed on the set of “Rust” in October of 2021 when a gun Baldwin was rehearsing with went off.  

And word to the wise, don’t come for Rihanna. Stephen A. Smith was forced to issue this 3-minute-long video apology after saying on a talk show that Rihanna was quote “no Beyonce.”

The Friday Notice News Quiz

And now, from Brooklyn… it’s time for the Notice News quiz! 

I’m your host Greg and this is the game where we ask… have you been paying attention this week?? Let’s get started.

Question one: on Wednesday the University of Texas at Austin said it was banning people using TIkTok over its computer networks and wifi.

Why are they banning it? 

a – it’s too addictive

b- it takes up too much bandwidth

c – there are security concerns 

or d- professors hate it

The correct answer is…C! Critics fear TikTok, owned by a Chinese company, will turn over U.S. user data to the Chinese government.

Question two: this week a lawsuit brought by Tesla shareholders against Elon Musk finally started.

What are those shareholders suing him over?

a – his purchase of Twitter

b – tesla’s autopilot failures

c – a tweet he sent

or d – his breakup with Grimes

The correct answer again is C! In 2018, Elon sent this tweet about the future of Tesla, which wasn’t exactly true – and some stockholders wound up losing a lot of money. 

And now it’s time for – a gibberish question!Guess the phrase that rhymes with this phrase:

Forge Man Toes Pizza Fryer

Say it in your head fast – it’s about a Congressman from New York…who’s not well liked. 

The answer…  George Santos is a liar. 

This week, we continued to learn more about the freshman representative George Santos, who lied extensively about his past to get elected. People in his own party are calling for his resignation, but so far, he’s refused to do so. 

That’s it for the Notice News quiz, i’ll see you next week! 


That’s it from us but you can learn more about how to cope with burnout on our website, I’ll be back next week with more from us, Notice News. Have a great weekend.