Trump Wants Taxpayers to Foot his Legal Bills in FBI Probe

DOnald Trump speaks to a crowd in Alaska

Last week, a Trump-appointed judge surprised legal experts when she granted Trump’s request for an independent third party – known as a special master – to review the documents the FBI seized from his Mar-A-Lago hotel.

That was her first prominent ruling in a short career as a judge. Since then, there have been major disagreements over how to move forward – including who could serve as the special master, what that person should do – and, who should pay for it.

The Department of Justice says Trump should pay for the special master in full, since he requested it in the first place.

But instead, Trump wants the American taxpayer to cover half the cost.

That’s even after he bombarded his supporters with more than 100 fundraising emails and texts asking for money based on the FBI search

The Washington Post reports he made over $1 million per day off those fundraising efforts in the days after the search.