Mass Shooting At Nashville School Leaves 6 Dead

From NOTICE News Daily for March 29, 2023

There has been a mass shooting at school in Nashville, Tennessee, that left seven dead including the attacker and three children. 


Hi everyone, it’s Jonathan here at Notice HQ in Brooklyn. Today’s top story…

Monday afternoon in Nashville, Tennessee, a gunman opened fire on a private Christian school.

Six victims were shot and killed, including three nine-year-old students, a custodian, a substitute teacher, and the head of the school.

After police arrived, the 28-year-old assailant was shot and killed by authorities.

The shooter is believed to be a former student of the school, and police say they uncovered a manifesto and maps of the school that detailed how the shooting would take place.

Police have also said the shooter is believed to be transgender.

The assailant was armed with two assault-style weapons and a handgun, and police say at least two of them were legally obtained in the Nashville area.

It’s unclear right now what the motive might have been, but authorities say the gunman was a former student at the school.

In the aftermath of the attack, the president called on Congress to restore a ban on assault weapons.

Biden: You know, the shooter in this situation reportedly had two assault weapons and a pistol, two AK47s. So I call on Congress again to pass my assault weapons ban. It’s about time that we make some more progress.

To date, there have been 131 mass shootings in 2023, up from 113 last year.

Gun control advocates continue to call for restrictions like another assault weapons ban, but Republicans say that won’t fix anything.

Police are still investigating everything that went down.