New versions of AI chatbots just dropped

From NOTICE News Daily for March 16, 2023

The startup OpenAI on Tuesday said it is beginning to release a powerful artificial intelligence model known as GPT-4, setting the stage for human-like technology to proliferate and more competition between its backer Microsoft Corp and Alphabet Inc’s Google.



Jonathan: The race to implement A.I. into our daily lives just kicked up a notch.

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, just announced a whole range of artificial intelligence tools for its Workspace.

This includes Gmail, Google Drive, Docs, Calendars, and yes, Google Classroom.

Then, just a few hours later, Open A.I., who is funded by Google’s biggest competitor Microsoft, announced the next iteration of Chat GPT called GPT-4.

SOT: “There is just this crazy competition happening right now in the technology sector where Google was long the winner and at the forefront of AI, and suddenly Microsoft comes in here with its Bing chatbot, and Microsoft is going to reinvent search, which is the core of Google’s business.”

The Microsoft-funded GPT-4 appears to have made advances on existing AI programs.

SOT: “So this new technology called GPT-4 had to take a simulated bar exam. This is what law school students take before entering professional practice. And this new technology scored in the top 10% of test-takers, human test-takers, when it tried doing the exact same exam.”

Meanwhile, Google wants to completely change productivity for lawyers, marketers, scientists, and even journalists.

SOT: “So you can say, please write a news story, please write a marketing blog, write a training plan, take some notes that you just jotted down in between meetings and turn those notes into a full-fledged write-up. And then you can edit that as you see fit with the help of AI.”

Alphabet is already testing these new Google Workspace features and will roll them out throughout the year.