Introducing NOTICE News for Classrooms

Now more than ever, students need unbiased news they can trust and understand. This audience is going critically underserved. Most news is crafted for older audiences – and is overly sensational, partisan or both.

That’s why leading Gen Z news brand NOTICE News is starting a new daily 5-minute news broadcast for middle and high school classrooms delivered with interactive resources for students and standards-based teaching resources for educators.

Delivered to Your Inbox Nightly:

  • A 5-minute, unbiased news broadcast to use next day in your classroom
  • Discussion questions and writing prompts based on the day’s show
  • Full transcript to read for easy planning
  • An interactive website for students with links to further resources and quiz

Why NOTICE News?

NOTICE News is the only daily news broadcast for middle and high school classrooms that comes with interactive resources for students as well as standards-based instructional resources for educators. More than that, our show is built from-the-ground-up for young audiences. We do not simply repackage content from elsewhere. We specifically write and produce for this audience.

NOTICE News is produced by a new, independent news startup in Brooklyn founded by award-winning journalists, and we’ve partnered with Reuters to bring students and teachers world class, unbiased reporting. You can find out more about our story here.

What Teachers Are Saying About NOTICE News

“My students have been very attentive for each one – and since I teach mostly seniors that is no small feat. The format is great.”

– Kym G., AP Government Teacher, Fort Thomas, Kentucky

“It’s a success! The kids really enjoyed it. They like the style, the politically non-biased view of the news, and they appreciate the personal feel from the reporters.”

– JD L., AP Civics and Government Teacher, Bridgeport, West Virginia

“Each week only gets BETTER! My classes are still loving NOTICE News… The students have been looking forward to each new week’s since we watched the first episode and they are benefitting SO much!”

– Kimberly G., AP English Teacher, Lake Forest, Illinois

Come Be a Part of Our Spring Pilot!

This spring, we will send you a new NOTICE episode like this one every weekday, delivered to your e-mail the night before. Each episode will come with standards-based discussion questions and writing prompts, plus interactive student resources. You can help us develop this great learning resource for 30 days free. If you choose to continue using NOTICE News in your classroom, it’s just $10/month per teacher or $150/month for a school (up to 600 students). Get in touch with us below.